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Splatacle is a wacky 2D action platformer where you can't use any of your limbs. Instead, you've got to make use of your giant tentacle appendage to grapple and bounce around the map, dragging your useless body along as you go. Swing, bounce and splat your way through the lab, avoiding a scientist's dastardly pet cat as it tries to thwart your attempts to escape!


Shay-Lee Atkins   |   LinkedIn   |   Artstation   |

Chris Ottey           |   LinkedIn   |   Artstation

Lachlan Smith      |   LinkedIn   |   Artstation


Ben Ioannidis      |   LinkedIn    |   Website

Jason Hastings   |   Website


Rhys Adams        |   LinkedIn   |   Itch   |   Website

Jibrill Murphy      |   LinkedIn   |   Itch   |   Twitter   |   Website 

Noah Rapetti      |   LinkedIn   |   Itch   |   Twitter   |   Website


Aiden Radcliffe

Eric Swansborough

Tim Duck




Splatacle_PC.zip 82 MB
Splatacle_Android.apk 89 MB


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Made a video 


Hiii, I've made a vide about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is pretty fun.

-The gameplay mechanics are hard to get at first, but once you get into them they are really good and fun, I also don't know why but they give me some "Carrion" vibes haha :D

-The visuals of the game are the only thing I think that can be improved as some parts felt a litle bit plain, but over all it was pretty good.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Really neat and interesting game. I enjoyed it. Keep it up!

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so funny game